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Why did we choose love over everything else?

At a time when so many people are being torn apart, we wanted to mark the launch of our new website with an issue that focuses on love.
We took to the streets of Baghdad to ask everyday folks what love means to them.
This will become a poem about a flung teargas canister, but first your hair.
We caught up with Amrou Al-Kadhi to discuss queer Iraqi love and how it can be seen through the parameters of quantum physics.
Photographs act both as a memory box and a time machine.
Love between two puppies, delivered in the most Iraqi of ways.
The beats of my heart pound with a deafening precision that chimes in time with the anxiety crawling through my chest.
Sometimes, nothing says, “I Love You,” more than food.
A camera helps this photographer time travel to Iraq from her home in Scotland.
Should a language pretend to know more about love than music, then it must be a lie.

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