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So, new beginnings?

In this issue, we aim to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, and pay homage to our ability as individuals and communities to overcome loss and adversity.
“I met Baghdad most intimately in her inimitable inhabitants as we lived our radically different new beginnings together.”
An interview with Taghlib AbdulHadi AlWaily about the future of Baghdad’s Historical City Centre.
A retelling of a classic 1001 nights folk tale.
"In my country, faces narrate profound stories that must be captured.”
In a series of voice notes, we meet Marwan Shakarchi, an Dubai based Iraqi artist hailing from London.
Shining a solar-powered light on Iraq’s energy future.
Seven ways in which ancient Iraq brought the world new beginnings.
What if we set the stage and give people the chance? What if from the void and the ruins emerges something new?
A raw, honest reality check for anyone sick of hearing the optimism powering new beginnings.
A step-by-step guide on how to chobi. Pun intended.

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