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Show us your roots

In this issue, we explore a journey often wrought with the stains of exile and displacement, and celebrate how we constantly fight the effacement of who we are.
“The way I think about home is the way I feel a lot of us do; it is where our most loved memories and people are. Whether that is our families, or friends, it is more of a feeling than the physical borders that divide us.”
Meet a first-generation Assyrian-American artist who explored the intersections of his roots through music.
“When my mother took us and left for Lebanon, she decided that if we were to end up in a house, she would not decorate it. She did not want furniture, only the bare necessities. She refused to settle down. Anything to assure she would not have a home to lose.”
Check out this dreamy recipe for Kleicha – a date-filled dish infused with a poetry that illustrates the rich and complex tapestry of Iraq and the region.
Nothing represents our roots more literally and figuratively than the Nakhla. Here’s an ode to the palm tree and all that it can mean.
Take a look inside a box that holds clues to Lana’s roots.
Through a series of designs, Maryam explores the patterns and colors of her Baghdadi identity.
Watch a short visual performance documenting the experience of the filmmaker’s mother on being displaced from Iraq whilst exploring the temporality of being present in her motherland.

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