Artist Statement

I am a being who is continuously searching for a sense of belonging. I am the daughter of a diasporic mother who chose to name me after the Arabic translation of the deep nostalgic sensation overfilling her.


strong love, desire, longing, nostalgia.

Integrity indicates wholeness. It is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values and this is what nurtures my artistic process. My creations focus on the exploration of realities that lay within our existence and emotions.

From uncovering and documenting my cultural heritage and family history, to addressing the reality of life in the diaspora.

Identity is something most of us struggle with at some point in our lives. My work focuses on my experience exploring both my Iraqi and Scottish identities whilst adapting to both cultures. My practices have developed my understanding of my own self with the intention to offer an insight into the realities that I am exploring through my art.

Some of my works remain untitled, giving the freedom for interpretation by relating to your own personal experiences.

Short Film Synopsis

THE DISTANCE EXISTS BETWEEN is a short visual performance documenting the experience of the filmmaker’s mother on being displaced from Iraq whilst exploring the temporality of being present in her motherland. The subtle narrative explores the reality and the effects of being separated from one’s homeland. When examining the imagery of the film one becomes aware of the internal against external conflict.

About the Artist
Haneen Hadiy is an Iraqi photographer born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently a Fine Art Photography student at Glasgow School of Art.