The Narinj, also known as a, “bitter orange,” is the most common type of citrus tree in Baghdad. We used to collect its mini flowers during the season and make necklaces or bracelets out of them.

Film Camera 

An illustrated image of how my childhood memories look and feel, like an old roll of film.


This illustration is part of a personal series called, "Cities in ma life.”

It is basically a reflection of my memories. In this piece I included some of my dearest memories from Baghdad. The palm-trees, my grandmother drawing henna on me while having a cup of coffee, and others.

About the Artist
Maryam Ahmed is an Iraqi illustrator and a graphic design student based in Finland. She works in between illustration and design. Her work explores different topics that are related to culture such as folktale, food, memories and cultural symbolism. She uses lots of geometric shapes and vibrant colours.